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Archbishop Wake CE Primary School


Welcome to our Governors' section. 

The governors at Archbishop Wake work in partnership with staff to create and realise our vision for our school. Our role is strategic and complements the day to day work of the staff to ensure that we are making progress towards that vision. We provide support for the leadership team and subject leaders, and where there are areas for improvement we ensure that plans to secure that improvement are in place and being acted upon.


All the governors are volunteers who are keen to be approachable and to be involved in the life of the school as much as they can. We visit the school regularly to talk to staff about a range of subjects so we as a governing body are well informed about the school. Those of us with children in school can often be found in the playground waiting to drop them off or pick them up too.


As in any school the governors of Archbishop Wake have legal duties, powers and responsibilities, including monitoring the school’s provision, selecting staff, administering finances and agreeing policies. However, our most important responsibility is to ensure that the school progresses towards our shared vision and provides our children with the best possible education we can give them.


The Governors

Name Position Special responsibility Committee membership
Jo Hicks
Head Teacher and CEO of the BET
Head Teacher   Learning Environment, Learning, Progress and Outcomes
James Haywood Chair, Co-opted governor Safeguarding & Looked After Children, SEND and Health and Safety Learning, Progress and Outcomes and Head's Performance Management Committee. Also, Learning Environment Lead.
Barbara Curtis Foundation Supporting Children with Medical Conditions. Ethos, Learning, Progress and Outcomes and Ethos. Also, Head's Performance Management Committee
Barrie Cooper Foundation Science Ethos and Co-opted directors' Audit Committee member
Paul Hooke Foundation R.E. & Collective Worship Ethos
Richard Cain Foundation Maths Ethos, Learning, Progress and Outcomes
Jane Sherwood Parent Governor English Learning, Progress and Outcomes and Finance Lead of co-opted Director's Finance committee member. Also Head's Performance Management Committee
Valerie Deverill Staff   Ethos, Learning, Progress and Outcomes
Claire Baggridge Staff    
Hannah Baker Vice Chair
Parent Governor
EYFS and Equality Learning, Progress and Outcomes
Neil Robertson Foundation PE Ethos
Tracey Brightman Clerk
Alison MacMillan Foundation   Ethos,
Stuart Keene Foundation   Ethos,