Welcome to Archbishop Wake CE Primary School

Archbishop Wake is an outstanding church school! Read the report here.

Archbishop Wake Primary is part of the Blandford Education Trust

Our vision

Woven rainbow in the Reflection GardenArchbishop Wake CE Primary School is a loving, caring, inclusive and forgiving community where we respect, appreciate and support each other and our environment.  Learning is challenging, exciting and fun.  Children are prepared for the changing world in which they live by learning and applying key skills so that they achieve the best possible outcomes and become independent learners for life.  They have opportunities to discover, develop and share their talents, know how to keep themselves safe and healthy and understand their rights and responsibilities as a member of the wider community.   On leaving our school, children are well equipped to embrace their future and all it holds with faith in God, each other and themselves.

The front of the schoolWe warmly welcome you and thank you for your interest in Archbishop Wake Church of England School. Here every child is an individual and everyone is special. This is a caring learning environment where all our children are encouraged to achieve in a variety of ways and fulfil their own potential.

Successes are celebrated and each child’s contribution is valued. We aim to provide a wide and balanced range of educational opportunities within a stimulating and purposeful learning environment.
We pride ourselves on the happy, caring and positive atmosphere that exists within the school which enables children to grow in self-confidence and develop a respect for the people and environment around them.

The back of the schoolThe school enjoys a strong active partnership with Blandford Parish Church and we see this as an important part of our identity.


At Archbishop Wake School we are committed to a full partnership between each governor, member of staff, parent and child, to ensure that your child’s individual needs are met appropriately.